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Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushalts.




World Team Championship 50+, 65+ 2016

4. World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ has been opened


DSC 8310 OB Bert Wendsche fuhrt den 1. Zug ausThe 4th World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ was opened with a short and spirited ceremony. The packed tournament hall - with 107 teams from 23 nations - at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Radebeul was greeted by tournament director Dr. Dirk Jordan. The marching-in of the participating nations was once again carried out representatively by our "Fahnenkinder", this time from the elementary school "Niederlößnitz" in Radebeul. To the music of Jeremiah Clarke each child carried one of the 23 national flags into the tournament hall. Afterwards, the lord mayor of Radebeul, Bert Wendsche, the lord mayor of the sister city Obuchiw, Alexander Levchenko, as well as the District Administrator of the district Meißen, Arndt Steinbach, greeted all guests and participants. After the short welcoming speeches the children carrying the flags were sent off with thunderous applause. Then the young performers of the Saxon Artist School Association showed their incredible skills. Jugglers, rope artists and acrobats in fantastic costumes thrilled the guests with a rapid short programm. Following the "Magic at the Arena" performance, FIDE Vice President Herbert Bastian opened the world championship.

We would like to thank all contributors and wish all players a fair and successful tournament.

You can find the German article here.

DSC 7926 FahnenkinderDSC 7963 Fahnenkinder 2DSC 7992 Dr Jordan Christine  Wolfgang Uhlmann Arndt SteinbachHerbert BastianJan Burghardt Bert WendscheDSC 8176 Sachsische Artistenschule 1DSC 8201 Sachsische Artistenschule 2DSC 8207 Sachsische Artistenschule 3DSC 8213 Sachsische Artistenschule 4DSC 8240 Fide VIce Presidenr Herbert Bastian opens the 4th WTCDSC 8291Delegation aus Obuchiw mit dem Radebeuler OB Bert WendscheDSC 8329 Herbert Bastian 1. Zug am Damenbrett Latvia-LaskerP1000183 FahnenkinderP1000188 Landrat Arndt Steinbach ubergibt eine Ehrenplakette an Nestor IM Dr Andreas Duckstein

Video of the Opening Day of the World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ 2016

DSC 8240 Fide VIce Presidenr Herbert Bastian opens the 4th WTCPlease find the video of the Opening Day of the World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ 2016 here. It was produced by Johannes Fiolka and Pat Naumann.

The World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ is almost upon us

DSC 6610 Spitzhaus oberhalb Radebeuls WeinbergenThe 4th World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ is just around the corner. In less than 10 days roughly 500 players from around the world will gather in Radebeul near Dresden to crown the new team world champion 50+ and 65+.

The unofficial start ranking will be updated after the Captains Meeting on 26 June. Changes to the respective team line-ups can be made until then.

Players, who still have wishes regarding transfer or the hotel, please inform the organizers immediately so that all requests can be realized.

The welcome desk, where all players and team captains can get important information and will be able to pay open bills, will start on 25.06.16 at 5:00 pm and will be available for all participants until 7:00 pm. It will be located in the lobby of the Radisson Blu near the front desk.

The Captain's meeting starts on Sunday, 26.06.16, at 10:00 am and is mandatory for all team captains, or deputies. Should a team not have a representative present at the meeting, it will not be drawn for the 1st round.

Before and after the Captains Meeting the Welcome Desk will be open [9:00 am to 10:00 am and 11:30 am to 1:00 pm]. At 2:00 pm the World Championship will officially begin with the opening ceremony, on 26.06.16.

We wish all the teams and accompanying persons a safe journey and look forward to an exciting event in Radebeul.

Chess 50+ and 65+ situation and questions

DSC 5736PocksteinerJordanBastianDear Chessfriends,

we cordially invite all chess players and officials, attending the World Team Championship in Radebeul, to the FIDE meeting titled "Chess 50+ and 65+ situation and questions".

Date: Monday, June 27th at 8 pm

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Nizzastraße 55, 01455 Radebeul

Host: IO Dr. Dirk Jordan (FIDE Director 50+ & 65+) & Johann Pöcksteiner (ECU Seniors Tournament Director)

Social program of the World Team Championship 50+ , 65+ 2016

Radebeul is not only a great place to play chess. The city itself and neighboring baroque Dresden and Meißen offer plenty of interesting places to explore. We prepared a social program for you.

Monday, 27.06.2016 10:00 am We visit Altkoetzschenbroda, a historic village that is part of Radebeul with its little cosy wine inns and oldfashioned houses

P1170259.JPG-WM Sen. Radebeul-2Monday, 27.06.2016 4:00 pm Visit of the narrow-gauge-museum in Radebeul-East where we see old steamengines before we enter one of the old narrow-gauge- steamrailways „Lößnitzdackel“ to make the tour from Radebeul to Moritzburg and back.

If you would like to learn more in advance you cal follow this link Schmalspurmuseum Radebeul





P1170419.JPG WM Sen. Radebeul-3Tuesday, 28.06. 2016 3:00 pm

Guided Sightseeing-bustour to the wonderful baroque city of Dresden.

We will see the Zwinger, Theater place, Semper-Opera, Church of our Lady, Brühlsche Terrace- " the Balcony of Europe"

Available in English, Russian and German

Wednesday, 29.06.2016 10:00 am Visite of the Karl-May-museum, he was a writer who wrote wellknown stories of Old Shatterhand and Winnetou and about the native indians in North America.

Wednesday, 29.06.2016 5:00 pm Chess Single Blitztournament



P1130762.JPG WM Sen. Radebeul-4


Thursday, 30.06.2016  3:00 pm Bustour to Meissen to visit the worldfamous manuactory of Meissen porcelain.

The museum Meissen-art is the most comprehensive collection

of Meissen porcelain from the beginnings in 1710 to the present day

and therefore unique amongst the world's collection of Meissen.

Friday, 01.07.2016 10:00 am We visit the DDR- museum in Radebeul, where we find in 60 rooms a lot things of live in DDR up to 1990, a part of German history.

Friday, 01.07.2016 5:00 pm Chess Blitz Team Tournament.



P1170241.JPG-WM Sen. Radebeul-1


Saturday, 02.07.2016 4:00 pm In Radebeul we will visit the wineyard Hofloesnitz with its wine museum where we will be informed about 500 years of Wine history and we will have a winetasting afterwards.

 If you would like to book a special tour, please send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

You can download the program here Rahmenprogramm_english-new.pdf

List of participants for the World Team Championship 50+, 65+ published! Last update May 20 2016

The official end of registration for the World Team Championship 50+, 65+ 2016 was April 26th . As of now there are 108 teams registered for the tournament: 57 teams in section 50+ (including four women's teams) and 51 teams in section 65+.

Included are teams from 22 countries,Afghanistan,  Armenia,  Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, The Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Germany.


Please find the official list of participants here: http://schachfestival.de/world-team-championship-50-65-2016-en/list-of-participants.html

Radebeul- Host City of the 4th World Team Chess Championship 50+ and 65+ 2016

In less than 100 days the 4th World Team Championship 50+ and 65+ will take place in Radebeul near Dresden. It will be the sports event in town 2016. The organizers, ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V. have been chosen to carry out by the FIDE after the successful third World Team Chess Championship 2015 in Dresden.

The World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ 2016 will start on June 26th. On July 4th will known the new World Champions. Playing venue is the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Radebeul's mayor Bert Wendsche is very pleased that this remarkable chess event will take place in Radebeul and he welcomes all participants whole heartedly. It will be the very first World Championship held in Radebeul at all.


Radebeul and Chess

DSC 6852a GM Lothar Schmid 2012 in DresdenBut nevertheless Radebeul is not completely new to chess matters.

Grand Master Lothar Schmid was born in Radebeul 1928. His family owns the Karl-May Press which published Karl May´s adventure novels. Lothar became a member of the local chess club and at the age of 13 he won the Dresden Chess Championship. After World War II he moved to Bamberg and became a member of West German National Team. He played at Chess Olympiads eleven times between 1950 and 1984. He was also an International Arbiter. Best known to all chess friends was his role as main arbiter in the World Championship match between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer in Reykjavik in 1972 . Only his diplomatic finesse made it possible that this match could be finished successfully. Lothar Schmid died 2013 in Bamberg.


The third World Team Championship 2015 took place in Dresden with 87 teams. For this year the organizers expect over 100 teams. As of today 68 teams are already enrolled. Among them are teams from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Moldova, Norway, The Netherlands etc.. Already announced are former World Champions Slovakia and Russia, But we expect strong teams from Armenia, Argentina, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Ukraine as well until the end of registration on April 26th.

In the category 50+ Germany has announced a strong team with GM Klaus Bischoff, GM Uwe Bönsch, GM Raj Tischbierek, IM Karsten Volke and IM Gernot Gauglitz. The German Emmanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft has Artur Jussupow on board 1! He won the gold 5 times with the Soviet team at the Chess Olympiad and in 2000 he won the silver medal with the German team in Istanbul. Other members of this team are GM Alexander Graf, GM Jakob Meister GM Thomas Pähtz and Dr. Gerhard Köhler.

Official invitation and regulations for the World Team Championship 50+, 65+ in Radebeul, Germany

Official FIDE_logoIn accordance to the FIDE Handbook 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions Organization 11. the ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden is now publishing the official invitation and regulations for the World Team Championship 50+, 65+ in 2016. The FIDE member federations and the continental presidents have received the invitation in copy per mail.

Please find the invitation and regulatins under the following link:

pdfInvitation and Regulations World Team Championship 50+, 65+ 

World Senior Team Championship from 26.06. to 04.07.2016 in Radebeul near Dresden

RadisonFirst details about the World Senior Team Championship 2016 in English can be found pdfhere.


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