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Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushalts.





Regulations FIDE Open 2017

29th of July to 06th of August 2017.

9 rounds Swiss System. The tournament will be played in three groups.
Group A: TWZ >= 1900. Group B: 1600 <= TWZ <= 2100. Group C: DWZ <= 1850.

For the tournament 2 bys are permitted. They are not allowed to take place during the last two rounds. They have to be turned in, in written form, to the chief arbiter no later than during the previous round. Bys for the first round have to be send to the tournament director via mail until the 27th of July 2017 and are only valid after his approval.

According to FIDE regulations no draw agreements allowed during the first 40 moves.

In the 3rd round German titleholders from the Challenge (qualification tournament for the German Masters during rounds 1 and 2 of the FIDE Open) can enter Group A of the FIDE Open. They will receive 2 points in the Open.

The rating is used as the foundation to determine starting ranks and category ratings. The higher value number of ELO or DWZ counts as the rating of a player at the beginning of the tournament.
The tournament of the groups A and B will be evaluated after ELO and DWZ, the tournament's Group C is evaluated after DWZ. The deadline for DWZ / ELO is July 20th, 2017. If a player's group has to be changed due to a new rating, the organizers will take care of the change accordingly.

Thinking time.
The thinking time is 90 minutes for 40 moves and 30 minutes for the rest of the game. From the first move on, 30 seconds will be added per move. The waiting time is 15 minutes.

Playing Venue.
Wyndham Garden Dresden, Wilhelm-Franke-Strasse 90, 01219 Dresden.
(Formerly Ramada Hotel Dresden)

Personal registration.
In the tournament hall on the 29th of July 2017 from 12.00 pm until 13.15 pm. The personal registration is mandatory for participation.

July 29: 14.00 o'clock: opening ceremony, round 1 will be played afterwards.
July 30 to August 05: 14.00 o'clock: 2nd to 8th round.
August 06: 10.00 o'clock: 9th round; followed by the award ceremony (appr. 4.30 pm)

ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V., Oskar-Mai-Str. 6, 01159 Dresden, Tel.: 0351 4161629

Fax: 0351 4161639, www.schachfestival.de

Online under www.schachfestival.de or directly to the tournament director Gunther Kaden, Goethestr. 22, 01773 Altenberg or Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! until the 28th of Mai 2017.
Later registrations are possible if the tournament has open capacities and resulting in an increase in the entry fee (see below).
Every participant has to list his/her FIDE-ID with the registration.

Entry fee.

The receipt of payment counts not the date of the registration with a later payment!

A 10€ handling fee applies if a refund due to absence to the tournament has to be carried out.
If payment is received before 28th of Mai 2017:
Group A: 75 Euro, Group B: 70 Euro, Group C: 65 Euro,
Teens (all groups): 55 Euro (Reference date: 1st of January 1999)
GM and IM entry fee, ELO > 2400: 35 Euro, ELO > 2300: 55 Euro,
GM with ELO > 2550: nights in a double room with breakfast on request.

If payment is received before 28th of July 2017 (+15€)
Group A: 90 Euro, Group B: 85 Euro, Group C: 80 Euro,
Teens (all groups): 70 Euro (Reference date: 1st of January 1999)
GM with ELO > 2400: 50 Euro, ELO > 2300: 70 Euro,

If payment is received at the tournament hall (+25€)
Group A: 100 Euro, Group B: 95 Euro, Group C: 90 Euro,
Teens (all groups): 80 Euro (Reference date: 1st of January 1999)
GM with ELO > 2400: 60 Euro, ELO > 2300: 80 Euro.

Made to the account of ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V.,
IBAN: DE 91 850 503 00 312 0070 105, BIC: OSDDDE81XXX at the Ostsächsische Sparkasse,
Reason of payment "ZMDI Open 2017 and Name".

Prize fund.
Group A: Grand Prizes
1. Prize: 2500 Euro; 2. Prize: 1750 Euro; 3. Prize: 1250 Euro; 4. Prize: 800 Euro; 5. Prize: 700 Euro; 6. Prize: 600 Euro; 7. Prize: Euro 500, 8. Prize: 400 Euro; 9. Prize: 350 Euro; 10. Prize: 300 Euro; 11 Prize: 250 Euro; 12 Prize: 200 Euro

Group B:
1. Price: 500 Euro; 2. Prize: 350 Euro; 3. Prize: 250 Euro; 4. Prize: 200 Euro; 5. Prize: 150 Euro;

6. Prize: 100 Euro

Group C:
1. Prize: 400 Euro; 2. Prize: 250 Euro; 3. Prize: 200 Euro; 4. Prize: 150 Euro; 5. Prize: 125 Euro;

6. Prize: 100 Euro

In case of a tie in points prizes will be given according to the rating (Buchholz according to FIDE without Streichwert, Buchholz sum) no multiple prizes will be awarded.

Prizes will only be given to the winners in person during the award ceremony.

Special prizes may be possible due to the 25th anniversary.

Schachfestival-special rate at the Wyndham Garden Hotel overlooking Dresden:

Single Room B/B: 62 € p.P.
Double Room B/B: 38,50 € p.P.

The payment of hotel expenses has to be made by the participants on arrival directly at the hotel reception. Bookings at this special rate are only possible via the ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V.. Due to the high demand we request you book the accommodations as early as possible. If the enrty fee is not payed until the 15th of July 2017 the organizer reserves the right to cancel the booking. The terms and conditions of the Wyndham Garden Dresden and the conditions of the special chess rate apply.
Participants who arrive without making prior reservations at the hotel through the Schachfestival Dresden e.V. cannot be guaranteed the special chess rate for accommodations. The respective daily rate applies.

Please note that, starting on July 1st 2015, a fee per bed called 'Bettensteuer' may apply in Dresden.

Press releases.
On entering the Dresden Chess Summer each participant agrees that the media will be informed about the event and in turn report about it. The information may also be published on the internet. Personal data of subscribers may be mentioned. The publication of event-related photos is included in this.
With the registration the players accept all the conditions mentioned above.

Errors and changes reserved. Date: 24.02.2017


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