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World Team Championship 50+, 65+ 2016

Video of the Closing Ceremony of the World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ 2016

Please findDSC 0558 Winner 50 the video of the Closing Ceremony of the World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ 2016 here. It was produced by Daniel Federer.

Germany 1 is World Champion in Section 50+, Russia Women wins the Women's Section and Russia 65+ is the winner in Section 65+

DSC 0553_Germany_50__World_ChampionThe last tournament day was marked by a long-distance match between the leading teams. Armenia defeated the Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft with 2 ½ points and Germany 1 won against the team Thüringen with 3 ½ points. So both have 16 team points. Consequently, the second vote decided the tournament victory. With only half a board point ahead Germany 1 was leading the ranking after nine rounds. England 1 came in third. The 4th and 5th place go to the Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft and the Hessische Seniorenmannschaft.
In the section 65+ the team Russia 65+ was already decided as the section‘s winner before the last round but they showed another strong performance on the last day and defeated Moldova with 3:1. The silver medal goes to St. Petersburg, who won against Norway 1 3:1 today. The third place is occupied by Belgium 1 with 13 team points. They ended their last game against Germany 1 with 3:1. England 1 came in fourth and the fifth place goes to Germany 2.
Russia Women was able to decide the women's ranking for themselves by ending their match against Austria with a draw. In second place is Germany 2. The German women won against the Schachfreunde Leipzig 50+ and outpaced Latvia Women and Germany 1. Both teams could not score points today. Mongolia Women came in fifth place. The well-traveled team ended the tournament with a victory against the Schachfreunde Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

DSC 0450 Fanfahrenzug Dresden DSC 0460 Siegerehrung Saal DSC 0467 Winfried Lehmann Zweiter Burgermeister Radebeul DSC 0479 Helmut Escher Dr Dirk Jordan Lakdar Mazouz DSC 0485 Dr Dirk Jordan DSC 0486 Lakdar Mazouz DSC 0553 Germany 50  World Champion DSC 0668 Russia 65 DSC 0669 Winners 65 DSC 0761 Russia-World Team Champion Women DSC 0765 Women- Winners DSC 0823 Alle Sieger 2016

MDR - Sachsenspiegel Report

ssp-2280-resimage v-variantBig16x9_w-832Please watch the MDR TV - report here


(Almost) all decisions will be made on the final day

DSC 9814_Schachfreunde_Leipzig-_Russia_65The results of the eighth round promise an exciting final day. In the section 50+ the World Champion will only be decided in the final round. Germany 1 and the Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft parted with a draw while Armenia won against England 2. Thus, the Armenian team earned a slight point advantage and leads the board after round 8. Tomorrow they will be facing the Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft. Only half a board point behind them is Germany 1. Their match against Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft today ended in a draw. Tomorrow they will play against Thüringen. Behind the two board leaders are England 1 and the Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft, both with 13 points each. Both are also still in the race for the title.

In the women's section four teams can still obtain the title World Champion. None of the temas was able to win today. Russia Women was defeated by the Hessische Seniorenmannschaft, Latvia Women lost against the Post SV Ulm and Mongolia Women was beaten by Norway Mix. The games between Germany Women 1 and SV Eiche Reichenbrand as well as the games between Germany Women 2 and Sachsen Anhalt ended in a draw. Now the field is very close together: With nine points each Russia Women, Germany 1 and Latvia Women are in the lead. Close behind them with eight points is Germany. 2

In the section 65 + the World Champion is already settled. Russia 65 +is far ahead with 16:0 team points. After a clear victory against the Schachfreunde Leipzig they can not be caught by their pursuers any longer. Behind them, with 13 points, is St. Petersburg, who ended its match against Belgium 1 with a draw today, and Sweden with 11 points.

DSC 9807 Gut gelaunt sind beide vor dem SpielDSC 9833 Jan Rooze Belgium 1DSC 9850 Heikki Westerrinen- Lambert DannerDSC 9853 Liga Ungure  Inguna Erneste Latvia WomenDSC 9886 James Plaskett gewinnt gegen Rafael VaganianDSC 9887 Karen Movsziszian  Ashot Anastasian ArmeniaDSC 9888 Artur Jussupow gewinnt gegen Uwe BonschDSC 9895 Deputy Chief Arbiters at work- Jens Wolter  Jurgen KohlstadtDSC 9905 Stewart ReubenDSC 9920 Rafael Vaganian as Kiebitz- Ingrid LauterbachDSC 9924 Raj Tischbierek sicher das 2-2 fur Germany 1DSC 9938 Alexander Graf



Germany 1 stays ahead

DSC 9641_Rafael_Vaganian-_Uwe_BonschThe top match between Germany 1 and Armenia found no winner. With the draw Germany 1 can keep the claim to the first place with 13 points. Behind them, with 12 points, are Armenia and the Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft. The tension is rising!

In the women's section, the Russians have been defeated by England 1 today, but remain in the narrow lead with nine points. Behind them with the same number of team points is Latvia Women, who won against Dresden-Striesen 1990 e.V. The German women were successful today: Germany Women 1 won against England 3 and Germany Women 2 against the Team from Dresden “Blue Wonder”. They currently range on the third and fourth place. Mongolia Women and SK 1968 ended their match with a draw.

In the section 65 + Russia 65 + is still in the lead with 14 points after a win against Austria. St. Petersburg won against England 1 and remains in second place with 12 points. Because of their victory against Germany and 2 and due to the higher number of board points the Schachfreunde Leipzig moved up to the third place. They are followed by Belgium1 and England 1.

A look behind the scenes – Project Game Recording

A novelty at this World Cup is the "Project Game Recording". Each day all 216 games of the round are being recorded. In "Game-Recording-Office" six team-members are working hard to enter all played matches into the computer. These are directly sent to the ChessBase-cloud and can be replayed at any time. A big advantage for all players, as they can prepare for their next opponents straightforward. To master this challenge, a detailed operational plan was conducted by the team leader Hugo Schulz. The plan and the team are so good that the games are usually already fully recorded at 5.00 pm.


DSC 9503 PartieerfassungDSC 9591 Ruhe vor der 7. RundeDSC 9619 4 Dettmann -BruderDSC 9628 Die Einheimischen - BSV Chemie RadebeulDSC 9632 Gut gelaunt Blue Wonder- Germany 2 WomenDSC 9643 England 1- Russia WomenDSC 9648 Hans Singer  Georg Danner Austria DSC 9653 Jon SpeelmanDSC 9669 Liechtenstein- DettmannDSC 9675 Schachfreunde LeipzigDSC 9687 Iceland- ObuchiwDSC 9701 Ahmed Aroua Abdelkader Chaabani TunisiaDSC 9704 Fridrik Olafsson-Deputy Chieff Arbiter Gerhard BertagnolliDSC 9716 John Nunn- Galina StrutinskaiaDSC 9720 Impressionen Day 7

Round 6

P1010711MeissenThe 4th World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ has reached its pivotal stage.

From the top teams in section 50 + only Germany 1 and the Emanuel Lasker Society were able to obtain victories today. Germany 1 defeated Iceland with 2½ points and the Emanuel Lasker Society was successful with 3 ½ points against the Stiftung BSW / DBAG II. Armenia and England 1 separated with a draw after having fought their games to the last. Germany 1 is now in the lead, with 12 points. Ranked on place 2 and 3 are Armenia and the Emanuel Lasker Society. Tomorrow we get to the top fight Germany 1 against Armenia.

In the women's section, the Russians are continuing their triumphal procession - they won 4: 0 against Latvia Women. Germany 1 Women defeated the SV Monheim Revival and is now behind Latvia on third place. Russia 65 + remains in the lead in section 65 + after their win against Belgium 1. St. Petersburg and England 1 were also able to win their games. Thus St. Petersburg remains in second place. Situated behind them is England 1, just ahead of Germany 2.

DSC 9445 Rafael Vaganian-John Nunn DSC 9447 Klaus Bischoff- Helgi Olafsson DSC 9449 Uwe Bonsch Raj Tischbierek Johan Hjartarson DSC 9451 Germany-Iceland DSC 9454 Russia Women- Latvia Women DSC 9455 Belgium 1- Russia 65 DSC 9459 Sankt -Petersburg- Schachfreunde Leipzig DSC 9464 Press photographer DSC 9472 Dresdner Springer- Rochade MV DSC 9473 Prof. Dr. Kundt Rochade MV DSC 9476 Werder BSG Bremen-Liechtenstein DSC 9478 TSG Markkleeberg DSC 9485 Oberosterreich thumb DSC 9493 Martin Fischer von Chessbase im Gesprach



















DSC 9443 Blick ins Elbtal mit dem Radisson Blu Hotel 


Social Program – Visit of the Meißen Porcelain Manufactory

Aside from the exciting matches of this round, cultural highlights were also taking place. On Thursday we went to Meißen to the world famous porcelain factory. By order of August the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, the secrets of the production of porcelain were being researched in Meißen. It was highly popular in Europe at the time, but it had to be imported from China at exorbitant prices. In 1708 the team led by Johann Friedrich Boettger succeeded producing the white porcelain – marking the birth of European porcelain. In 1710 the porcelain manufactory was established on the Albrechtsburg Meißen. The group was led through the open workshop area. Afterward, they visited the show rooms of the manufactory.

P1010626Meissen1 P1010639Meissen3 P1010648Meissen4 P1010649Meissen5 P1010650Meissen6 P1010661Meissen7 P1010682Meissen7 P1010690Meissen

5th round brings the lead for Armenia

DSC 9337_Weinprinzessin_Anna_Braunig_aus_MeienRoyal visit at the opening of the fifth round: The Saxon Wine Princess Anna Bräunig made the first move on board one in section 50+ today. The 25-year old from Meißen representing the Saxon Weinbauverband, who is working as an office manager of an insurance broker when she's not on princess duty. The affinity for wine is quite common in her family: her brother-in-law is a winemaker in one of the leading wineries of Saxony and her brother is learning the trade of the winemaker as well. After the opening move the chess pieces were once again in the spotlight. In the section 50+ two teams have broken away from the rest of the teams. After their victories, Armenia and Germany 1 are leading the ranking with 10 points each. Behind them are England 1, Emanuel-Lasker-Gesellschaft and Iceland.

In the women's section Russia Women defeated Germany 1 with 3: 1 and now holds place 10 in the overall ranking. After today's win Germany 1 Women holds place 21 in the ranking. Tomorrowthere will be another ladies encounter: Russia Women meets Latvia Women.

The favorites of section 65+ were able to obtain another win. Russia 65+ is still unbeaten and leads the ranking with 10 points, followed by St. Petersburg and Belgium 1 who will be facing Russia 65+ tomorrow.

ELO-ranked Blitz tournament

On Wednesday afternoon, an outstanding Single Blitz Tournament, both quantitative and qualitative, took place. 83 players, including 10 Grand masters and a total of 30 title holders, found their way into the tournament hall. The winner was GM Rafael Vaganian.

DSC 9344 Obuchiw- England 1 DSC 9355 Ahmed Aroua Tunisia DSC 9356 Russia Women 1- Germany DSC 9363 Boris Gruzmann und Jefim Rotstein DSC 9364 Sergej Salow und Boris Khanukov DSC 9366 Yuri Balashov DSC 9368 Vladimir Zhelnin DSC 9371 Evgeny Sveshnikov DSC 9377 KIebitze am Spitzenbrett 65 DSC 9391GM Heikki Westerinen DSC 9392 Schachfreunde Leipzig- Finland DSC 9429 Playing Hall day 5

Old Shatterhand opens Round 4

DSC 9053a_Karl_May_1._Move_Artur_JussupovThe 4th World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ was visited by a special guest from the great prairies of the Wild West – Old Shatterhand, the famous character from the Karl May books, opened the first round.

Today's matches brought many victories and some surprises.

Section 50+

Germany 1 won their matches against England 1 with 2 ½ to 1 ½ and are now ranking on the promising 2nd place right behind Armenia and in front of Iceland. Team Iceland was successful against the Emanuel Lasker Society. In the women's section Russia Women continued its triumph – they won 3: 1 against the team of the Post-SV Ulm and are currently positioned on place 4.

Exchange of blows between St. Petersburg and Russia 65+

In the section 65+ the meeting of the two top-teams took place. Russia 65+ was bale to play out their advantage and win the fight with 2½. Belgium 1 and Germany 2 parted with 1: 3, leaving Germany 2 in second place in front of St. Petersburg (3.) is now and behind Russia 65+(1.).

Simultan chess in Altkötzschenbroda with Dr. Andreas Dückstein

In collaboration with the Restaurant "Alte Apotheke" in Altkötzschenbroda a simultan game with Dr. Andreas Dückstein took place on the village green on Tuesday. Experienced players, as well as young chess friends tried to snatch a point from the nestor but were only successful to do so one time. Dr. Matthias Schneider won his match against the Austrian Dückstein. Numerous visitors and passers-by took this opportunity to watch the games in the intimate atmosphere or even play a match or two of their own.


AlexanderGrafHelgiOlafssonDSC 8910Jens und Dirk beim BulletDSC 8913Spieler Schach fur AlleDSC 8922Dr. Duckstein beim SimultanDSC 8929Dr.Ducksteim beim Simultan2DSC 8933Dr. Duckstein beim Simultan3DSC 8939Dr.Duckstein beim Simultan4DSC 9055JohnNunn Uwe BonschDSC 9058St.PetersburgRussia65DSC 9068AnetGempeAxelSiggelkowDSC 9081 Klaus BischoffDSC 9087HeikoPreussGalinaStrutinskaia

Round 3

DSC 8758 Elisabeth Pahtz 1. Zug Germany 1 Women- Russia WomenThe third round of the World Championship was opened in Section 50+ by Norbert Rogge, Marketing Director Oppacher, in section 65+ by Winfried Lehmann, 2. Mayor of Radebeul, and in the women's section by Elisabeth Pähtz, who currently is the best German woman in chess.

After this high-ranking first move, the players once again went at it in the tournament hall, despite the beautiful weather outside. In the section 65+ today's games brought no change in the ranking, with St. Petersburg leading the list, followed by Belgium and Russia 1 65+.

In the section 50+ two top-ranked teams were able to win with a close run: Iceland defeated the team Thüringen 2.5:1.5 and England 1 defeated the defending champion Slovakia with the same result.

Early preliminary decision for the gold medal in the women's section?

In the fight Russia Women against Germany Women 1, the adversaries separated with a 3.5: 0.5 victory for the Russians. This could leave the Russian ladies with the advantage to secure the gold medal in the women's section.

Tomorrow, the two German top teams on the first tables in section 50+, Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft and Germany 1, will challange the two title aspirants.

The participants of yesterday's framework social program joyfully reported of their journey with the train "Lößnitzdackel". After visiting the narrow-gauge railway museum the adventurous group enjoyed a ride on the train to Moritzburg and back to Radebeul.

DSC 8752 Herr Rogge vom Hauptsponsor Oppacher am Spitzenbrett von IslandDSC 8777 GM Johan Hjartarson IcelandDSC 8794 Norway 3-Dresdner Springer


DSC 8708 Ingrid  Hugo SchulzDSC 8734Team Slowakia DSC 8789 Schachfreunde Leipzig

DSC 8820 Schweden 2- FinlandDSC 8848 Ruhrpott in RadebeulDSC 8834 Karol Motuz Slovakia

Round 2

DSC 8467a_John_Nunn_England_1-_Adolf_Denk_Austria_1After the spirited opening ceremony and a first round that went as expected, the favorites were able to once again assert their dominance in round 2.

Section 50+
Team Iceland, who is appearing in this championship in the same line-up as in the 1980s Olympiad against the Soviet Union, won 3:1 against the team from SV Eiche Reichenbrand. In 1980 the Soviet Union emerged victorious from the match. England 1 prevailed against Austria 1 with 4:0, the matches of Russia Women against the team VSG 1880 Offenbach ended in a draw. Since the woman’s team Germany 1 was able to win all its matches against Radebeul's sister city Obuchiw, they are now leading the woman's ranking. It's going to get interesting tomorrow in the woman's section – Germany 1 will be playing against Russia Women.

Section 65+

Russia 65+ was able to assert itself against Switzerland with a 3:1 win. The team from the USV TU Dresden lost to St. Petersburg with 0:4. On board three Niederösterreich and the Schachfreunde Leipzig ended their matches with 1:3.

Aside from the activity in the tournament hall the first excursion of the social program took place. A stroll through the wonderful town of Altkötzschenbroda, with its original shops and cozy wine inns and pubs, was scheduled in the morning.


DSC 8474a Schweiz Russia 65DSC 8478 Gerhard Schmidt USV TU Dresden rechtsDSC 8479a Sankt PetersburgIM Nikolai Mishuchkov-USV TU Dresden Wolfgang LenkDSC 8488a. Vladimir Revuckij Obuchiv-Brigitte BurchardtGermany Women 1DSC 8521 Spielsaal Day2DSC 8539 Michael Keuchen Martin SebatianFrank JagerDSC 8547 Dr. Andreas DucksteinDSC 8565 Wandergruppe Altkotzschenbroda


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