Kopfbild Dresdner Schachfestival e.V.
Dresdner Schachfestival e.V.

The next round of the European Seniors Team Chess Championship was played today

... but the day started with a different chess event - German chess player Dr Robert Hübner played a simul against 17 chess players - one of the games ended in a draw, one player won their game, all others ended in favour of Dr Hübner.

At the start of round 3 he then made the ceremonial first draw on the first board of the game England - Germany in the category 50+. The game ended in favour of the English team, who won their games 2.5 to 1.5.

The only team achieving a clean sweep of 4 wins, deciding the round clearly in their favour were the Germany Women 2 team. At the top of the table there was a bit more movement today and it will be interesting to see how things will continue to develop as we are going into the second third of the tournament.

In between the rounds players have had the chance enjoy the sights of Dresden in beautiful October sunshine.

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